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Jewelry is often thought of as a luxury, something we can live without.  But in reality, jewelry has been a part of our lives.  From cavemen to kings, jewelry has played an integral part of mankind’s evolution.

In ancient time, human chose to accessorize his family and himself in his hair, on his waist with wood, feathers and even bone to symbolize leadership, strength, wealth and ownership.

With further evolution of human history, important metals, exotic stones, bone and shells from mysterious animals became his new choices for adornment.  But the symbolism behind these objects did not change.

Today, we reward our sports teams with gem-encrusted rings, scholars with medals to demonstrate our admiration and achievements.

But it is love - our most evocative attribute of all - that makes jewelry a necessity.  We express our love, whether it is to one person or the entire world, with jewelry made of precious metals and diamonds, all as rare and treasured as love itself.  

At Aileen-Lulu, each collection is chosen for exceptional style, craftsmanship and creative beauty. Our unique designs feature sparkling diamonds, brilliant colored gemstones and pearls. Our collections timelessly feature the best designs.

Aileen-Lulu accompanies you in your journey and reminds you of love in your heart. Our featured collections are:

M&m:    Symbol of flowers. Aspiring, Gratitude, Proud, Joy, Natural, Balanced 

D&m:     Hearts are what we embrace. Live, Love, Passion, Sharing, Royalty

Personalized:    Do you feel a quick heartbeat when you see that initial? Family, Love, Forever, Unity

Classic: Never lose who you are. Anywhere, Anytime

Exclusive: Exclusively for you from Aileen-Lulu, One of a Kind, No Duplicate

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