Rose Gold - The New Classic and Trend

Posted on August 13 2016

Rose Gold - the "It" metal of the year; It adds a sophisticated touch to the gold. All it takes is a simple glance at the gorgeous color to understand why rose gold — which gets its lovely tint from copper mixed with gold alloy — has become so coveted.

At Aileen-Lulu, we value our collections to provide elegance, simplicity. Almost any of our beautiful piece can be made in rose gold. Rose gold is one of the warmest and most universally flattering metal types for any skin tone, and, as a result, can be worn with any color or style of clothing. It especially looks great paired with soft pastels and neutral color themes,but don’t be afraid to branch out!

It has a lush tone that’s warmer than white gold; it’s way flirtier and youthful than yellow gold, and it's somehow luxe and understated at the same time. In essence, rose gold is poised to become the new classic for its versatility, wearability, and beauty. Need more convincing of this pink-tinged goodness? Click through for the rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more that are guaranteed to make you a rose gold convert. 

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